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entente: a friendly understanding or informal alliance between states or factions

We believe that women exist in many states-
States of well being, states of emergency, states of success, states of discouragement…
But most of all, and really, in the state of simply being women.
We are powerful, beautiful, brilliant, and made for greatness.
But we can’t do it alone!


BeautyEntente is an alliance of real women empowering & inspiring each other on beauty.
Features. tips. motivation. connection.
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Stay tuned for wonderful shares and opportunities for connection from a stunning array of women. And in the meantime, pick up your weapon of choice – be it your smile, some killer heels, a brilliant idea, or some hella fine lipstick – we’re here to champion you. We hope you’ll join us in championing other women too – the queens, the fighters, the artists, the bosses, the leaders, and the lionesses of the world – the you’s.

Oh and feel free to connect with us –

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